Strong Ken Tofu Recipes

Strong Ken Tofu Recipes

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Celebrate the strong flavour yet smooth silkiness of Otokomae’s Strong Ken Premium Tofu with these easy recipes. Widely accepted as one of the most nutritious foods in the world, tofu is as versatile as it is good for you, and Otokomae is some of the finest tofu there is. Try a couple of these recipes to work out which is your favourite.


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How To Prepare

  1. Tofu with Anchovy Butter Sauce
    1 pack otokomae strong ken premium tofu
    20g butter
    10g anchovies
    spring onions, to taste

    1. Chop the spring onions
    2. Toss butter and anchovies into a frying pan over a medium heat
    when anchovies have heated through, stir spring onions in and remove mixture from heat
    3. Pour mixture on top of tofu

  2. Tofu with Cream Cheese & Fish Flakes
    1 pack otokomae strong ken premium tofu
    15g cream cheese
    1g bonito fish flakes
    1 tablespoon soy sauce
    black pepper

    1. Cut cream cheese into small blocks and scatter over tofu.
    2. Finely chop up bonito fish flakes and sprinkle on top.
    3. Pour on soy sauce and finish with black pepper.

  3. Steamed Tofu with Sardine Soup
    1 pack otokomae strong ken premium tofu
    4 tablespoons dashi
    1 tablespoon ponzu
    20g niboshi powdered sardines
    grated daikon radish
    condiments (spring onion, plum paste, yuzu, and/or other)

    1. Stir dashi, ponzu, and niboshi powdered sardines together in a heat-proof bowl. 2. Add tofu to the middle and steam for 6~7 minutes.
    3. Divide grated daikon radish into three and mix different condiments through each section.
    4. Finish by rolling grated daikon into balls and placing on top of steamed tofu.

  4. Tofu with Onion, Egg, and Tsuyu
    1 pack otokomae strong ken premium tofu
    8g sliced onion
    1g chopped bonito fish flakes
    1 egg yolk
    1.5 teaspoons concentrated kombu kelp tsuyu

    1. Place tofu on a serving plate and scatter onions and fish flakes over the top. 2. Gently place egg yolk next to tofu, then pour tsuyu over everything.

  5. Tofu with Cucumber and Wakame Seaweed
    1 pack otokomae strong ken premium tofu
    20~30g sliced cucumber
    15g rehydrated wakame seaweed
    20g sesame dressing

    1. Place tofu on a serving plate and lay cucumber and wakame seaweed on top.
    2. Finish by pouring sesame dressing over everything.

  6. Tofu with Avocado and Lemon
    1 pack otokomae strong ken premium tofu.
    18g thinly sliced avocado
    1 small slice lemon
    1.5 teaspoons soy sauce

    1. Place tofu on a serving plate and lay avocado slices on top.
    2. Gently squeeze the juice from the lemon slice over it, then pour soy sauce on top.
    3. Garnish with another lemon slice.