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Kuzuyu Traditional Japanese Cold Cure

Kuzuyu Traditional Japanese Cold Cure

  • serves 1
  • 5 minutes

The kuzu plant is a flowering vine from Japan. The root is ground into a fine powder and used in a few different ways all over Asia. One of the main uses for kuzu is as a medicine to fight the symptoms of the common cold. Kuzuyu is a simple drink made from kuzu powder that is guaranteed to keep you warm in the winter, but also helps to relieve those stuffy noses and sore throats!


• Kuzu Powder – 1 Tablespoon
• Sugar – 1 Tablespoon
• Hot Water – 150ml

How To Prepare

  1. Begin by getting a nice large mug and putting the kettle on.

  2. Using the back of a spoon, break down any large pieces of the kuzu powder to make sure it is as fine as possible.

  3. Add a teaspoon of the kuzu powder and a teaspoon of sugar to the mug.

  4. Fill the cup with approximately 150ml of hot water and stir the kuzu powder and sugar in until the drink becomes thick and syrup-like.
    Enjoy the light and sweet taste of kuzuyu and feel your cold disappear!

Tips and Information

- Try adding some cinnamon to your kuzuyu drink for a traditional hangover cure!
- Kuzu powder also works great as a thickening agent for things like soups or stirfrys to get that authentic Asian texture.