Kitsune Udon

Kitsune Udon

  • Serves 1
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Create one of Japan's favourite udon soup dishes at home with this Kitsune udon recipe. Named after the Japanese word for 'fox', Kitsune udon is a delicious dish made with thick udon noodles served in a dashi based soup stock with a large piece of fried tofu (thought to be the fox's favourite food). This dish is easy to make and sure to be a household favourite before too long.


pre-cooked udon noodles
tsuyu soup stock
abura-age deep fried tofu
shichimi chilli powder
spring onions

How To Prepare

  1. Pour some boiling water over abura-age to remove any excess oil. Set aside.

  2. Pour 250ml tsuyu into a saucepan with 500ml water. Heat up over a medium heat.

  3. Remove soup from heat just before it boils and add abura-age. Return to heat and allow to simmer for approximately 10 minutes before adding udon.

  4. Once noodles have simmered for a further 10 minutes, pour some into a bowl with a little of the soup and a piece of the abura-age. Garnish with shichimi chilli powder and sliced spring onions.