Japanese for Busy People 1: Kana Version Textbook, 710 g

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For those after essential Japanese learning to squeeze into a hectic lifestyle.

This kana version of Japanese for Busy People 1 is ideal for those looking for a simple, quick and thorough method to learn everyday conversational Japanese, covering a considerable range of real life scenarios and encounters in short, informative exercises. Written in kana with English translation and explanation, this textbook includes all the content needed to quickly break down your understanding of Hiragana and Katakana, with regular practice on both writing and reading in each alphabet to build you up for future study of Kanji and beyond. Split into 11 chapters that cover 25 lessons, each chapter is given a clear and relatable theme to introduce you to Japanese lifestyle and culture and shows you how the language shapes around it, from greetings, to actions and expressions of interest. Essential vocabulary and easy to understand grammar comes in gradual doses, with versatile methods to practice and revise over brief periods. With an additional CD, covering phrases and dialogues found in the book alongside further exercises, you have access to a natural speed and flow of Japanese conversation, that can help you with listening and pronunciation at home or on the go.

Written by the Association for Japanese Language Teaching.

ISBN: 9781568363851

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