Yamamotoyama Loose Hojicha Roasted Green Tea, 100 g

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A sweeter, smokier kind of green tea.

Enjoy green tea that is a little more on the mellow side with Yamamotoyama's Hoji-cha roasted green tea. The preferred green tea for people with sweet tooths, this loose-leaf Hojicha has gone through an extra roasting process that has turned the tea leaves brown and erased any of the bitterness discernible in many sencha green teas. Enjoy hot or cold. Produced in the USA. 

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From cups of freshly brewed green tea made at home to bottles of cold green tea bought from vending machines, it is rare for a resident of Japan to not enjoy at least a little green tea every day, and we at Japan Centre firmly believe that everybody could do with a daily green tea fix. Take a look at our Tea section for a great variety of loose teas, teabags, ready-to-drink bottles and matcha powders.

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Per Serving (131g):
• Energy: 0kcal
• Protein: 0g
• Fat: 0g
• Carbohydrate: 0g
• Sodium: 0mg

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Roasted green tea 100%.



11 reviews
My sense of taste is not good enough to really appreciate sencha. My favourites are genmaicha and ***, *** being number 1. Fascinating flavour, and to be strongly recommended
My favourite tea at a much better price than Amazon
Very lovely tea.
My favourite\nSimply good fresh flavour
I always buy this tea. Great quality for the price.
First bought *** in your shop in Stratford and have used it ever since . Love it. Also like ***. Sencha is almost too subtle for my aging palette, but still enjoy it.
I love the tea.
I will purchase the tea again!!!
Good quality, best I have found
I like this product
I use as a hot or cold drink, I find it very refreshing. It is a very good product, and I would recommend it to anyone, try it