Ishiguro Soba Noodles with Yam Extract (Ganso Yamaimo Soba), 250 g

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The yam extract makes these soba noodles flexible and soft, while preserving the nutty buckwheat flavour of the noodles.

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Soba are a traditional type of Japanese noodle that are mainly produced in Hokkaido. They can be served either hot in a delicious soup, or chilled with a tsuyu and wasabi dipping sauce, a great way to cool down in the warm summer months.

How To Use

Soba are usually dried so need to be cooked in hot water.
• Once cooked, add them to a noodle soup with meat and vegetables.
• Alternatively, cool them down and serve with a dipping sauce of tsuyu mixed with wasabi and some sliced spring onion on the side.

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Ingredients and allergens

Buckwheat noodle added yam potato