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Best Before Date: 15-08-2017

Itsuki Cold Ramen with Spicy Soup, 248 g, 2 servings

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The same delicious noodles you love, served ice cold.

If you love spicy noodles, but the weather is too warm for a hot broth, Itsuki's cold ramen soups are the perfect pick-me-up. This pack contains two servings of straight ramen noodles, along with separate sachets of soup stock flavoured with beef for rich umami flavour, as well as chilli pepper for that essential spice. These noodles take less than ten minutes to prepare and make the perfect summer lunch or dinner.

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Although cold noodle soups are not a commonly eaten delicacy in the Western world, in Japan they are almost as popular as the hot ramen soups we know and love. Cold soba and ramen noodle dishes such as this are the perfect way to get your delicious Japanese noodle fix during the hot summer months. If you are on the lookout for more Japanese cold noodle dishes, take a look at japancentre.com's range of cold noodles.

How To Use

• Add one bunch (80g) noodles to around 1L boiling water on the stove. Loosen until noodles are completely submerged and allow to cook for around 4-5 minutes.
• Add one sachet of soup stock to your serving bowl and pour in 180ml ice cold water. Stir well.
• When noodles are done, strain them and cool them down by rinsing in cold water.
• Carefully add noodles to cold soup mixture. Add your favourite meat, egg, and vegetable garnishes.

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 1172kJ/280kcal
• Fat: 1.2g
  (of which Saturates: 0.1g)
• Carbohydrate: 60g
  (of which Sugars: 10g)
• Protein: 7.6g
• Salt: 5.9g


Noodles: Wheat Flour, Starch, Wheat Protein, Salt, Processed Starch, Kansui Alkaline Water, Thickener (Xanthan). Soup Stock: Saccharides (Fructose Glucose Syrup, Sugar), Fermented Vinegar, Soy Sauce (Wheat, Soy Bean), Salt, Hydrolyzed Protein, Beef Extract, Kimchi Seasoning, Spices, Seasoning (Amino Acid, MSG), Caramel Colouring, Thickener (Xanthan), Red Yeast Rice Colouring, Acidulant. Also includes Chicken, Gelatine, Apple, Squid (Mollusc), Crab (Crustacean).