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Gekkeikan Bizan Barley Shochu, 750 ml Low in Stock (only 2 available)

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A unique shochu that is sure to be pleasing for beer lovers in particular! Gekkeikan’s Bizan (meaning ‘Beautiful Mountain’) Barley Shochu is made by fermenting barley wheat with rice koji (the culture used to make Japanese alcohols) and slowly distilling and aging it over low temperatures. This results in a soft, dryish and light bodied shochu with faintly yeasty aromas, solid pastry dough and starfruit flavours, and a breezy finish with accents of radish and pear.

Type: Barley-based Shochu
Aroma: Mild, Yeasty
Flavour: Soft, Dryish, Bready, Breezy
How to Drink: With water, on the rocks, with tea or as a sour.
Food pairing: Try this shochu with light savoury flavours like steamed vegetables or white fish dishes.

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Shochu is a traditional Japanese distilled alcoholic beverage, made by fermenting and distilling a mixture of rice koji (a special type of mould also used to make sake) and some type of raw ingredient, of which there are a number to choose from (rice, sweet potato, barley, dates, etc.) Shochu is an alcohol designed to be enjoyed with food and mixed with water, tea, or other beverages. Why not take a look at Japan Centre Online’s shochu section and try some of this delicious drink for yourself?

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Alcohol Content: 20%