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Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten First Flush Sencha Green Tea, 21 g, 7 teabags

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To become a green tea connoisseur, you have to try the rest. But now it is time to try the best! This top-quality Shizuoka-grown green tea is first flush, meaning that the tea leaves are picked at the absolute peak of flavour-yielding perfection. Contained in seven little teabags, this tea is packaged in elegant traditional Japanese paper wrapping for the full authentic green tea experience, as well as standard foil packaging to lock in freshness. Enjoy!

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The UK is no stranger to that most noble and ancient art of tea-drinking, so the dedication Japan devotes to tea-making is a comparatively minor culture shock for our English sensibilities. Sencha is the most commonly drunk green tea in Japan, accounting for 80% of all green teas sold there. Depending on how it is brewed (the temperature of the water, the length of time spent brewing), its flavour can range from light and refreshing to strong and sharp. If you enjoy a cup of sencha on a weekday morning, take a look at Japan Centre Online’s great range of sencha teabags and tea leaves.

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