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Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten Genmaicha Brown Rice Tea with Matcha, 21 g, 7 teabags Low in Stock (only 5 available)

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Some of the finest, most flavour rich genmaicha, or brown rice tea, that Japan has to offer. This genmaicha is a tempting combination of Shizuoka-grown first flush green tea, Japan-grown brown rice, and Japan-grown matcha green tea powder (added for just a little extra green tea refreshment). This tea comes packaged in elegant traditional Japanese paper wrapping for the authentic green tea experience, as well as standard foil packaging to lock in freshness.

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The UK is no stranger to that most noble and ancient art of tea-drinking, so the dedication Japan devotes to tea-making is a comparatively minor culture shock for our English sensibilities. Genmaicha (Brown rice green tea, or ‘Popcorn’ tea to some) contains grains of roasted brown rice, giving the tea a distinctly nutty flavour that offsets the slight bitterness often present in other green teas. If genmaicha is your cup of tea (literally), then take a look at Japan Centre Online’s range of genmaicha teabags and tea leaves


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