Marumiya Sesame and Salt Rice Seasoning, 46 g

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Simple and delicious.

Enjoy a classic flavour combination that makes rice irresistable with Marumiya's sesame seed and salt flavoured furikake. This Japanese rice seasoning contains whole black roasted sesame seeds as well as salt granules from the Seto Inland Sea. Sprinkle onto freshly steamed white rice, or add to onigiri rice balls.

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Furikake rice seasoning is normally dried, crunchy granules of vegetables, meats, seeds, and other flavoursome foods. The intense savoury/umami flavours of furikake make it ideal for sprinkling over foods with plain flavours. In Japan furikake is normally sprinkled over rice, but it will often also be used on pasta or plain toast. Explore Japan Centre's entire range of furikake in our Rice Seasoning section.

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Per Serving (2.0g):
• Energy: 9.9kcal
• Protein: 0.28g
• Fat: 0.83g
• Carbohydrate: 0.33g
• Sodium: 190mg (As Salt: 0.47g)
Calcium: 17mg

Ingredients and allergens

Sesame, salt, starch, seaweed calcium


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We love this product and use is as a sprinkling over hot or cold cooked ***