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There’s candy, and then there’s candy you have to construct yourself! This adorable pack comes with a tray, pieces of banana-flavoured soft candy, individual sachets of chocolate cream and sprinkles, and a toothpick – everything you need to construct your own tiny chocolate bananas. Simply add the chocolate cream and sprinkle sachets to the tray, insert the toothpick through one end of a banana candy piece, and cover the candy with chocolate cream, then with sprinkles. How tasty will your chocolate bananas be?

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Japanese candy is something to behold! Not simply satisfied with being bright, colourful and delicious, Japan also has a great range of candies and other sweets that you are supposed to prepare in some way before eating it. To find out just how much fun Japanese candy can be, check out Japan Centre Online’s candy section.


Per Pack (36g):
• Energy: 170kcal
• Protein: 0.6g
• Fat: 6.6g
• Carbohydrates: 27.2g
• Sodium: 5.8mg


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Great treat