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Mizkan Rice Vinegar, 710 ml

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This large 710ml bottle of rice vinegar has a very mild flavour and can be used in a number of Japanese dishes. Rice vinegar such as this was traditionally used as a method of preserving food such as fish and continues to be used in Japanese cuisine for extra flavour.

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Rice vinegar is a very mild and mellow type of vinegar made from rice. It is an important part of Japanese cooking and can be used to make Japanese pickles, as a salad dressing, or mixed with sugar and salt to make sushi rice vinegar.

How To Use

This rice vinegar can be used in a number of ways.
• Mix with sugar and salt to create sushi rice vinegar.
• Drizzle a little over your salad as a dressing.
• Use as an ingredient to replace added salt for extra flavour.

Item Detail


Per Serving: (15ml)
• Calories: 0kcal
• Total Fat: 0g
• Sodium: 0mg
• Total Carb: 0g
• Protein: 0g


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4 reviews
love it
I often use this and am always happy with the product. I even use it instead of wine vinegar for salad dressing.
For dressings, sushi and other rice dishes I would definitely recommend it as it is highly versatile and can be used in non-Japanese cuisine
This is a lovely versatile product. Usually I use it for cooking and as a salad dressing... versatile product and certainly recommend it.