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Donburi Bowl, Large - Black, 125 g



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No need to heat your meals up in a separate container now! This practical and easy-to-use large donburi bowl is perfect for making and serving one-bowl donburi meals like oyakodon, chicken katsu curry, and prawn tempura. Made from polypropylene, this bowl is able to withstand temperatures of up to 140 celcius, making it safe for using in both microwaves and dishwashers. Bowl measures approx. 9cm tall by 16cm in diameter. Made in Japan.

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Donburi means ‘rice bowl meal’ in Japanese. Quick and easy to prepare, they are seen as a Japanese fast food. All donburi consist of a bed of rice on the bottom with some sort of delicious meat/vegetable topping, such as pan-fried egg and chicken, spicy pork, or beef sukiyaki. Why not try whipping up your own one bowl meals with Japan Centre Online’s easy donburi and rice bowl recipes?

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I use this for things such as ramen. My home bowls aren't bug enough for a soup so this comes in handy. I liked the quality. The only let down was it was made out of plastic
the plastic feels a little flimsy but the flexible nature of the plastic is probably more long-lasting than other plastic bowls which are prone to cracking. Good product.