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Marusanai Steamed Salad Beans, 80 g

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While possibly not the musical fruit, these beans will definitely make your insides sing! This sealed pack contains 80g of mixed soy beans, red kidney beans and green peas, prewashed and presteamed for ease and convenience. Full of protein and fibre, these salad beans are perfect for enjoying with steamed rice or in soups.

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Beans, and particularly soy beans, are an important part of the Japanese diet, as they are the major component in tofu, soy sauce, and miso. All beans are high in protein and fibre, making them both an excellent vegetarian alternative source of protein, and also great for filling yourself up and keeping yourself fuller for longer.

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 150kcal
• Protein: 13.7g
• Fat: 4.2g
• Sugar 10.2g
• Dietary Fibre 8.2g
• Sodium: 311mg