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Instant Curry Starter Kit, 1.23 Kg, 4 items

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A hearty meal in minutes.

Never be without Japanese curry again with this instant curry kit. Japanese curry is warming and delicious, but sometimes there is not enough time to cut the vegetables and steam the rice. Luckily, this kit provides three servings of instant curry sauce and vegetables, plus three packs of microwaveable rice to serve alongside it.

This kit includes 4 items:
1x Hot Curry Sauce with Vegetables Pouch, 210g
1x Medium Hot Curry Sauce with Vegetables Pouch, 210g
1x Mild Curry Sauce with Vegetables Pouch, 210g
1x Microwaveable Rice, 600g (200gx3)

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Originally introduced to Japan over 100 years ago by the British during the meiji era, curry has since come to be one of the most popular dishes in the country. This kit is specially designed to provide an easy-to-prepare version of a popular Japanese dish. To see Japan Centre's full range of food kits, check out the Food Kits section.

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