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A refreshing, high-quality, organic green tea with added flowery flavours and aromas. This artistically designed package contains 40g of loose-leaf, Japan-grown sencha tea, as well as dried and sweetened leaves from cherry blossom trees for a sweet herby flavour, and dried sakura blossoms for a perfumed aroma. Truly, this is a green tea that is not to be missed.

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Tea is Japan’s hot drink of choice, and although the vast majority of the tea drunk in Japan comes in the form of sencha (a type of green tea), there are a lot of other teas and flavour combinations available as well. From wheat infusions to kombu kelp brews to cherry blossom blends, Japan Centre has a tea for all tastes and preference.

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Green tea, sugared cherry leaf, dried cherry blossom


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Nice subtle flavour. Recommended for those who don't like overwhelming flavours. Will definitely buy again.b
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Sweet and relaxing - surprising flavour