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Chasandai Ume Plum and Perilla Green Tea, 50 g, 10 teabags

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Refreshing Japanese green tea with extra herby, fruity flavour! This pack contains ten teabags packed with organic green tea leaves, as well as dried ume plums and dried shiso (perilla) leaves. Allow this great combination of infused flavours to both relax and revitalise you.

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Tea is Japan’s hot drink of choice, and although the vast majority of the tea drunk in Japan comes in the form of sencha (a type of green tea), there are a lot of other teas and flavour combinations available as well. From wheat infusions to kombu kelp brews to cherry blossom blends, Japan Centre has a tea for all tastes and preference.

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Organic Green Tea, Dried Ume Plum, Dried Perilla.