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Kumamotoken Shuzo Kenkyujo Kohro Tokubetsu Junmai Sake, 500 ml

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A special sake for special sake drinkers! This sake, made by the Kumamoto Institute for Sake Brewing, is called ‘special’ because it is made by a special type of sake rice known as ‘Shinriki’, which has been polished down to 58% and brewed with nothing else but a little rice koji. This sake has a very quiet fragrance and a clean, rich, semi-sweet flavour. Ideal for drinking with meals.

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Like wine and many other alcohols, all sake exhibits subtle differences in flavour, aroma, feel and finish, depending on factors like the type of rice used, the amount the rice has been milled, or polished, and the chosen fermentation process. If you are looking for some great sakes to try, take a look at Japan Centre’s fantastic and ever-expanding online range.

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• Alcohol Content: 15%
• Rice Polished to 58%