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  • 6845 ceramic noodle bowl 2

Ceramic Noodle Bowl - Blue And White, Wave Pattern With Brown Ribbon, 554 g



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For a rustic and traditional feel when enjoying a noodle soup or donburi rice bowl, this is the bowl you are looking for! Made in Japan, this bowl is painted with a rustic and blotted traditional Japanese blue wave pattern, then finished with a deep brown edge. This bowl is an ideal size for noodle soups, donburi, and other one pot meals. Bowl measures approx. 8cm tall x 17cm in diameter.

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Large noodle bowls such as these are commonly used in ramen bars and other Japanese fast food joints across the country. Meals like ramen and various donburi are like the Japanese cuisine equivalent of a panini or sandwich, as they are quick to prepare and ideal for enjoying on a lunch break. For more donburi bowls and other fantastic Japanese tableware, take a look at Japan Centre Online’s dining section.

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A beautiful bowl that was wrapped very well so that it would arrive undamaged and delivered very quickly. I would definitely consider ordering from you again.