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  • 6837 bowl chopsticks set 2
  • 6837 bowl chopsticks set 1
6837 bowl chopsticks set 2 6837 bowl chopsticks set 1

Miso Soup Bowl & Chopsticks Set - Floral Pattern, 235 g, 4 items

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An elegant pair of miso soup bowls in jet black and deep burgundy, with ornate floral designs and matching chopsticks. Great for miso soup, rice, suimono, and other side dishes. Bowls measure approx. 7cm tall by 10cm in diameter. Shorter chopsticks measure approx. 21cm long. Longer chopsticks measure approx. 22.5cm long. Bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe. Made in Japan.

ITEM ID: #6837


Soup in Japan comes in several different formats, the most well-known of which being miso soup (made from miso paste and dashi soup stock) and suimono (made from dashi soup stock and various meats and vegetables). As a prominent part of their diet, soup bowls are an important item of serveware in any Japanese kitchen. For a wide range of Japanese bowls in all sizes, take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section.

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