Pokka Ice Peach Tea, 500 ml

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For a refreshing iced tea with a hint of peachy sweetness, look no further! This peach iced tea is made using real freshly brewed black tea and peach juice. The complex contrast in sweet and eathy flavours makes this tea perfect for a morning refresher as well as ideal for navigating sweet food cravings. Best served cold. Made in Singapore.

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There is no doubt that the Japanese are some of the most dedicated tea drinkers the world has to offer. Although Japan is most well-known for its green tea, there are a fair few lovers of black breakfast teas and frosty-cold iced teas as well. If you are longing to explore your tea-leaf taste buds, check out some of the varieties available at Japan Centre.

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Per 100ml:
• Calories: 35kcal
• Protein: 0g
• Total Fat: 0g
• Total Carb: 8.8g
• Sodium: 3mg

Ingredients and allergens

Water, Freshly Brewed Black Tea, Sucrose, Flavourings, Peach Juice, Ascorbic Acid, Tartaric Acid


9 reviews
Very sweet and good
I love peach tea
Great flavour! Will be buying again.
Unsweetened so hard to find a tea like this. Great tasting tea.
I first drank this when I was in Singapore, then I fell in love with the taste, totally recommend it, quality is amazing & very accurate description.
A bit too peachy for my tastes, I like drinks to have hints of taste. But still good and refreshing.
Delicious and refreshing
A super refreshing drink for anyone to enjoy at any time