Hello Kitty Baking Book, 365 g

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Want an even sweeter way to enjoy the cuteness of Hello Kitty?

Try your hand at some adorably charming baking with this delightful cookbook, containing a variety of saccharine recipes perfect for appreciating the sweetness of the much-loved Hello Kitty and her colourful collection of Sanrio friends. With over two dozen inspired recipes and lots of helpful information including accurate measurement conversions, simple technique advice and key ingredient and equipment suggestions, you'll be wonderfully astounded at what heart-melting, decorative treats are possible with the help of this cookbook. Beautifully fun photos and easy-to-follow instructions let you take a delicate care when it comes to detail, making it both simple and satisfying to recreate all the yummy dishes from Hello Kitty Macarons, to Keroppi Mint Chocolate Cake, to even Pretty Bow Pumpkin Pie! By popular blogger and cute confectionery maestro Michele Chen Chock, there is lots of experienced skill in this cookbook that really teaches you how to further enjoy Hello Kitty's signature charm. A cookbook of irresistible contents that's perfect for Hello Kitty lovers, bakers or those that absolutely adore both.  

Written by Michele Chen Chock.

ISBN: 9781594747069

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