Coris Assorted Chewing Gum, 38 g, 5 pieces

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There’s no need to pick between your favourite chewing gum flavours with this multi-flavoured pack! Containing five mini boxes of different flavoured gums (grape, apple, banana, fruits, and soda) in various fun shapes, this is chewing gum that will leave you nostalgic for your younger days.

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Chewing gum is a popular sweet in Japan, and, like with other types of sweets and snacks, chewing gum is often packed in assorted box sets such as these, giving the consumer a taste of a couple of different flavours. If you are curious about the candies enjoyed by the Japanese, take a look at Japan Centre Online’s candy section.

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Ingredients and allergens

Sugar, glucose, glucose syrup, starch, gum base, acidifier, flavourings, thickener (gum arabic), colourings, green tea extract, wax