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Baby Penguin Shaped Onigiri Rice Mould And Nori Seaweed Cutter, 140 g

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Once you have made onigiri rice balls with this set, we challenge you to find rice balls that come any cuter! This set comes with a little penguin-shaped rice ball mould, as well as nori seaweed cutters for cutting out penguin flippers, beaks, feet and backs. There is even a special cutter mat included to protect your work surfaces. Nobody will be able to refuse adorable penguin chick-shaped rice balls.

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Although onigiri are by and large triangular or circular shaped, the rising popularity of ‘decoben’, or decorative bento lunches, are making a path for onigiri shaped like animals, flowers, stars, or other interesting shapes. If you believe that food tastes best when it is shaped like something fun, head to Japan Centre Online’s Bento & Kitchen section and explore all of the food decorating accessories we offer.

How To Use

Produce perfect penguin onigiri in minutes!
• Fill the mould with cooked sticky rice.
• Press together firmly before popping out.
• Place sheet of nori seaweed on cutter mat and press cutters onto seaweed.
• Place cut out seaweed on onigiri for a perfect little penguin.
• Enjoy!

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