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Protect your savings with a feline guardian.

Save well and be prosperous with this adorable, eye-catching, lucky cat coin bank. This little money box features a jet black, smiling lucky cat with the Japanese character for luck painted on his tummy and his left paw raised to welcome in good fortune. If somebody in your life is saving hard and could use a little luck, this is an ideal gift for them. Coin bank measures approx. 8cm in width, 7cm in depth, 9cm in height. 

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The Lucky Cat has been part of Japanese and Chinese folklore for hundreds of years. It is believed that a Lucky Cat standing in a shop front, for example, will bring good fortune to the workers, and indeed the customers. Interestingly, the symbolism behind any lucky cat can vary, depending on its colour, which paw is raised, and what it is holding. For this and other Japan-related trinkets, check out japancentre.com's Japan Fan collection.

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