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Autumn Red Kokeshi Doll with Folding Screen, 80 g Low in Stock (only 1 available)


Celebrate the cool breezes and charming leaves of Autumn all year round with this adorable ceramic kokeshi doll. Painted wearing a red robe decorated in Autumnal flowers, this little doll matches the stunning Autumn leaf image on the included screen. To display, simply place the doll in front of the open folding screen. A great gift for lovers of spectacular autumns! Doll measures 4cm wide, 7cm tall. Folding Screen measures 14.7cm long, 3.1cm tall.

ITEM ID: #6743


Kokeshi dolls are a type of traditional Japanese souvenir, and their popularity has brought about a desire to be creative with kokeshi doll designs. Though traditionally and still often carved out of wood, nowadays many kokeshi dolls such as this are made from ceramic and other materials. They are bought and exchanged among friends, often with messages written and stored inside their hollow bases.

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