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Springtime Pink Kokeshi Doll with Folding Screen, 80 g



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Enjoy a little piece of Japanese spring all year round with this adorable little kokeshi doll and screen set! Made in Japan from quality ceramic, this kokeshi doll is wearing a pink robe adourned with red sakura flowers, to match the beautiful sakura cherry blossom background screen. A particularly ideal gift for lovers of cherry blossoms and springtime. Doll measures 4cm wide, 7cm tall. Folding screen measures 14.7cm long, 3.1cm tall.

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Kokeshi dolls are a type of traditional Japanese souvenir. The exact origin of them is unclear, but it is known that they were originally hand-carved from wood in Northern Japan, before gradually spreading in popularity to the rest of the country. They are bought and exchanged among friends, often with messages written and stored inside their hollow bases.

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My daughter and daughter in law were ‘enchanted’ ... it was a gift in memory of my first visit to Japan last year ... and the cherry blossom though late ... has been superb this year.