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  • Sake chikurin

Marumoto Shuzo Chikurin Karoyaka Junmai Ginjo Sake, 720 ml

Delivery to England, Wales, and Parts of Scotland only. Collection only available from Park Royal.

Light, fruity and organic.

A pure rice wine containing no brewer’s alcohol, this sake contains organic yamada nishiki rice polished to at least 50% of its original size, as well as a little rice mold for breaking down the sugars for fermenting. Try this refined sake for yourself and taste the difference that purity makes! Glass bottle.

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Like wine, all sake has very slightly different flavours depending on the ingredients used and the methods used to ferment the rice. This sake has been made using traditional tools and methods, and has been allowed to ferment for a long time at a relatively cool temperature for a more refined flavour.

How To Use

This item will be packed with cool gel and sent using a Nominated Day Delivery. Please store in the fridge and do not freeze.

Alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18. We may require ID check and a signature on delivery. For the facts about alcohol visit drinkaware.co.uk.

Can be drunk warm or cold.

• Heat in a tokkuri sake bottle in a bowl of hot water until 38°C to 55°C.
• Alternatively, serve at room temperature or chilled.

Item Detail


• Rice polished to 50%
• Alcohol Content: 15%