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Fruit Parlour Origami Paper, 45 g, 13 sheets


Fun for crafty fruit lovers.

Fold your own colourful selection of your favourite fruits with fun origami kit. This kit contains 13 sheets of plain and specially designed origami paper (enough for folding five different types of fruit, as well as paper plates, spoons and forks), a separate sticker sheet for adding colourful details, and a detailed set of pictorial instructions. Get ready for hours of paper-folding fun. Each origami sheet measures 150mm x 150mm.

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This origami kit combines the Japanese love for food and fresh produce with the 1000+ year old artform of origami. Like many Japanese practices, origami is all about taking a very simple concept (folding a sheet of paper) and doing it perfectly. Indeed, some origami designs are so detailed that every fold has to be 100% precise. For other entertaining kits like this, browse Japan Centre’s Origami collection.

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