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  • 6706 otokomae rugged boy tofu

Otokomae Rugged Boy Firm Premium Tofu, 320 g

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Delivery to England, Wales, and Parts of Scotland only

This wonderfully named ‘rugged boy’ tofu is one of our favourites. Combining soy beans from Hokkaido and salt water from Okinawa, its a firm, feisty tofu that will keep its shape and absorb great flavour in a variety of dishes.

ITEM ID: #6706


Otokomae is indisputably tofu with character. Otokomae is a relatively young company based in Kyoko, risen to become one of Japan’s favourite tofu brands with their vibrant design, great energy and above all, quality products.

How To Use

This item will be packed with cool gel in polystyrene boxes (poly boxes) and sent using Before Noon Delivery, £9.99. Please store in the fridge and do not freeze.

Fry in sesame oil.
Marinate with seaweed and sesame seeds and enjoy as a luxury dish.
Use in grilled dishes.

Item Detail


Energy 269Kj/64 Kcal
Fat 3.5 g
Of which Saturated 0.6 g
Carbohydrate 2.7 g
Of which Sugards 2.4 g
Protein 5.5 g
Fibre 0.3 g
Salt 0.03 g


Non-GM Soy Bean, Coagulant (Magnesium Chloride).