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Geisha Prints Origami Paper, Small, 150 g, 48 sheets Low in Stock (only 4 available)



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Become an origami ninja with the help of this wonderfully elegant origami paper! This pack contains 48 sheets of top quality double-sided origami paper, where one side is a bold, flat colour, and the other depicts one of eight traditional Japanese paintings of geisha. This origami paper is sure to help you make some of your most stunning shapes yet! Each sheet measures 150mm x 150mm. ISBN: 978-0-8048-4481-9

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Origami has been enjoyed in Japan for well over a thousand years, and it continues to be enjoyed to this very day, both in Japan and around the rest of the world. Whether you are aspiring to make 1000 paper cranes or you want to expand your folding repetoire, you can find all the origami paper you could need right here at Japan Centre.

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I love the pictures of the geisha girls and will recommend this paper to my friends.