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Tokunagaseika Crispy Nori Wasabi Peanuts, 90 g

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Fiery, full of umami, and seriously crunchy! These peanuts have a crispy crunchy coating flavoured with seriously hot wasabi and savoury salty nori seaweed flakes. Part of an exclusive range of flavoured pea snacks, these are bound to sell out in no time! Enjoy with your lunch, or with a nice cold beer.

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Snack peas are a favourite snack in many Asian countries, and are made by coating peanuts in a batter and crying them until the batter is crisp. This amazing snack pea series by Tokunagaseika features snack peas flavoured with bamboo charcoal, cherry blossoms, and nori seaweed plus wasabi. Right now Japan Centre online only has a limited supply of these tasty treats, so grab yours while stocks last!

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