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Tokunagaseika Crispy Smoked Bamboo Peanuts, 110 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)

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There’s snack peanuts, and then there’s these! Part of an exclusive series, these peanuts are covered in a crispy, crunchy coating flavoured with bamboo charcoal for that hint of smokiness commonly tasted in East Asian cuisine. Enjoy with your lunch or with a cold beer.

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Snack peas are a favourite snack in a number of Asian countries, and are made by coating peanuts in a prepared savoury batter and frying them until crisp. This exciting snack pea series by Tokunagaseika features snack peas flavoured with bamboo charcoal, cherry blossoms, and nori seaweed plus wasabi. Grab your bag before stock runs out!

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