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Yutaka Sesame Miso Sauce, 100 ml

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Deliciously savoury soybean-based sauce with a hint of sesame goodness! This thick, vegetarian-friendly sauce celebrates one of Japan’s most beloved flavours by combining it with the sweet flavours of tomato paste and mirin rice wine, as well as savoury soy sauce and nutty white sesame seeds. This sauce is ideal for dipping, dressings, noodles, or as a marinade or glaze for meat and fish.

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Miso has seemingly existed in Japan since the dawn of time, and the Japanese have been enjoying umami-intense bowls of miso soup with their main meals for hundreds of years. More recently, miso has also been used to flavour other foods like sauces and marinades. If you are looking to bring more of this iconic Japanese food into your life, check out Japan Centre’s extensive range of miso and miso products.

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Per 100ml:
• Calories: 267kcal
• Protein: 2.7g
• Fat: 15.3g
• Carbohydrate: 29.2g
• Salt: 4.6g