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Yutaka Japanese Style Loose Organic Genmaicha Tea, 85 g

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Nutty, roasted, puffed brown rice. Fragrant, refreshing green tea. Surely, this is a combination to write songs about! This pack contains 85g of 100% organic genmaicha; a type of tea that combines green tea leaves and grains of puffed brown rice. This tea has earned the nickname ‘popcorn’ tea, due to the popcorn-like appearance of some of the rice grains that have ‘popped’ while roasting. Enjoy this green tea any time of day.

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Once upon a time, genmaicha was only drunk by the Japanese lower classes. Brown rice was cheaper than green tea, and poorer people would add it to green tea to act as a filler. From this, genmaicha gained the reputation of being the ’people’s tea’, because anybody could drink it regardless of how much wealth you had. The fact that this particular genmaicha is organic just makes it all the more a tea for the people.

How To Use

To make two cups of green tea:
• Warm cups by pouring freshly boiled water into each cup and allow the water to cool slightly (ideally 70-80C)
• Put 1tbsp green tea leaves into a teapot. Pour the water from the cups into the pot and brew for 2-3 minutes or according to personal preference.
• To make sure each cup of tea is the same strength, pour the green tea little by little from the teapot into each cup evenly, going back and forth until the last drop.

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