Training Chopsticks for Children - Kung Fu Panda, 42 g


Great for development and fun to use.

Help your kids to become chopstick masters in no time with CleverstiX training chopsticks. These chopsticks have been specially designed to teach children how to use chopsticks as thoroughly as possible, with unique features such as dedicated finger and thumb rings for helping little hands to grip the chopsticks more comfortably, widened and embossed tips that make it possible for children to practice with a wider variety of foods, and a hinged mechanism at the top that requires children to practice both the opening and closing movements in chopstick use. Complete with an action-packed Kung Fu Panda design, these chopsticks also help children improve their concentration, develop their handwriting grip (which is identical to the top chopstick grip), and advance fine motor skills. Chopsticks measure approx. 17cm in length. Finger rings measure 1.5cm to 1.8cm in diameter.

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Eating with chopsticks can be a hard skill to learn, but with the right tools and enough practice, it does not have to be hard to master! Beginner’s chopsticks are fantastic for learning, because no matter what you do the chopsticks will always be in the correct position. Take a look at the different incarnations of learner’s chopsticks Japan Centre has available.

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