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Matcha does not get any higher quality than this! This 100% organic matcha powder is made from green tea grown in the Uji region of Kyoto; a region renowned throughout the country for producing the best green tea. For this ceremonial grade variety, only the very highest quality tea leaves are used. These leaves are picked at their prime and then milled to a fine powder that can be used to make hot cups of matcha green tea, or used to make desserts and other sweet drinks.

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All clearspring teas are 100% organic, so you can rest assured that no chemical fertilisers or synthetic pesticides have been used on the tea leaves. As well as that, all the agricultural processes that have been used to grow the tea leaves are certified by the Organic Soil Association. Organic produce is growning in popularity all over the world due to the belief that it is better for the body and the environment, as well as better tasting.

How To Use

Enjoy the perfect shot!
• Add 1/4 teaspoon to 30ml hot water, or any hot or cold drink of your choice, and whisk well.


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Ingredients and allergens

Organic Matcha green tea powder (100%).



12 reviews
Great quality and taste
One of the best matcha I've tried so far. It's a shame that they don't do *** size
This tea has a fresh taste with little of the bitterness sometimes found in other teas.
Little expensive but good
beautiful taste
Excellent quality, this was a repeat purchase. I keep it in the fridge once opened to keep it freshere for longer.
Seems like a high quality product with a pleasant, gentle flavour.
Beautiful. Highly recommended.
I bought this as an alternative to the matcha that I've previously had. It has a smooth taste and is not too bitter or astringent in flavour. The fact that it is organically sourced is also a bonus.
Clearspring Matcha is without doubt the best on the Market,clean fresh taste and of course its organic!!!with Clearspring you know you are getting the best and its a company you can truly trust.Every morning I enjoy the ritual of making my Matcha Latte!!!!
Fantastic Clearspring Matcha the best I have tasted!!!!