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Clearspring Organic Hojicha Roasted Green Tea, 40 g, 20 teabags

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For a top-quality, effortlessly smoky and calming roasted green tea, Clearspring is where you need to go. This box contains twenty 100% organic roasted green tea, or hojicha, tea bags. This tea is made from nothing but selected and gently roasted mature green tea leaves that have been grown using only agricultural processes approved of by the organic soil association. Give this tea a whirl and taste the difference organic makes!

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Clearspring’s products are all about using quality ingredients to make authentic, premium Japanese foods for all. In the case of their green teas, Clearspring have declared that the best ingredients are the most organic. For a food to be classified as ‘organic’, it must have been grown using agricultural processes proven to not be harmful to the natural surrounding environment. It is also believed that organic foods are better for human health.

How To Use

For a smoky and refreshing cup of hojicha:
• Boil fresh water and pour over 1 teabag per person.
• Steep for 2 minutes for optimum flavour.

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