Yoneda Suzo Toyonoaki Umeshu Plum Wine, 100 ml

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If you are looking for the ultimate in pure umeshu decadence, look no further. Made using local sake and Ume plums from Shimane prefecture, this plum wine has a delicious sweet/sour flavour and fruity aroma perfect for enjoying around the table with friends. A deliciously different treat for anybody who loves sweet white wines. Enjoy straight or with a mixer.

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Umeshu is essentially sake with added sweetness and fruity goodness! To make it, unripe ume plums are steeped in sake and sugar long enough for the flavours to infuse into the alcohol. A surprisingly versatile drink, umeshu can be drunk stright, with ice, with lemonade or sour, with other mixers for a fruity cocktail, or even with hot green tea for a tasty winter warmer.

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• Alcohol: 11-12%

Ingredients and allergens

Water, sake, plum, sugar, alcohol