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Yoneda Shuzo Josen Toyonoaki Sake, 900 ml

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From the plantations in Chugoku to your door! This high-quality sake, made with specially selected local rice, rice-koji and a little brewer’s alcohol for emphasis of flavour, is quite mellow in flavour initially, then develops a sharper aftertaste. A premium sake such as this is best enjoyed cold.

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Sake is the most well known of the Japanese alcoholic beverages, and not without good reason. With its fruity, mellow flavour and sharp aftertaste, it bears resemblance to drier, fruitier white wines. Also like wine, no two bottles of sake are the same. To get a good idea of the finer difference between different kinds are sake, you will need to try a wide variety of them.

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• Alcohol Content: 15-16%

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