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Yutaka Japanese Style Organic Genmaicha "Popcorn" Tea, 30 g, 15 teabags Low in Stock (only 2 available)

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The nutty, roasted flavour of puffed brown rice combined with refreshing green tea! This box contains fifteen teabags, all filled with a combination of organically-grown green tea and grains of roasted brown rice, some of which might have popped during the roasting process to resemble popcorn! A delicious green tea variant to suit all palates.

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Genmaicha was originally drunk by poorer Japanese people, at a time when brown rice was less expensive than green tea. The rice served as a filler and the tea became cheaper. This has caused genmaicha to be known as the “people’s tea”, because anybody could drink it. Nowadays everybody, rich or poor, drinks it.

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2 to 3 cups a day\n\nnot ricey enough