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When it comes to defending an extra-large lunch, only an extra-large warrior will do! This adorable kokeshi doll bento box is designed in the style of a samurai or bushi. These were the ancient Japanese warriors who defended their homes by following the way of Bushido! A new addition to the Kyoto line of Hakoya’s kokeshi doll bento boxes, this new larger size will hold enough lunch to see you through the rest of your day!

Bento box measures 15.5cm tall by 11.5cm in diameter and comes with a bento belt. The lid-bowl has a 350ml capacity. The top layer holds 500ml. The bottom layer holds 350ml. Each layer is separated by sealed inner lids. Microwave and dishwasher safe without inner lids.

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Western-style lunchboxes are all very well, but if you want a lunchbox that is as convenient as it is awesome, a bento box is the only way to go! Bento boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes for every person’s preferences, whether that be lots of little boxes for all your different foods or one big box with heaps of compartments for everything.

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4 reviews
I absolutely love this bento. Great size, adorable design
Great quality, very fun!
Bought this for my partner and he loves it. Great for his snacks when he's at work..
Happy with the goods,they are Christmas presents so let you know more in the new year.