Yutaka Blanched Lotus Root, 150 g

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A lotus root that will last for ages.

This pre-boiled lotus root, known in Japanese as ‘renkon’, is ready to chop up and add to stir fry or soup dishes without any other preparation necessary. Lotus roots are crunchy root vegetables, iconic for their unique appearance, which features many holes that run through the vegetable. Lotus roots are often used in oden hotpots, fried in tempura, or added to miso soup. 

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Vegetables packed in vacuum-sealed bags, such as this, are a fairly common sight in Japan and other Asian countries. The main advantage of packaging vegetables this way is that they are preserved without the need for freezing or for using heaps of preservatives, therefore keeping in the nutrients and the flavour. For more ready-to-eat vegetables, take a look at japancentre.com's Vegetables section.

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Ingredients and allergens

Lotus Root, Water, Antioxidant(Ascorbic Acid), Acidity Regulator (Acetic Acid), Sodium Hyposulphite


6 reviews
Cheap and easy to use! The size is nice and suitable for making a big stew for two people.
I have been looking for a good variety of lotus root and this is boiled ready to eat. I use it to make *** and it’s delicious!
Love this. It takes the effort and time from preparing renkon from scratch.
Steamed & stir fried
Have not tried yet