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Shichimiya Honpo Dashi Soup Stock, 80 g, 10 bags

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Kyoto-style umami seasoning.

You have not experienced a true dashi experience until you have tried this. This elegant box contains twelve teabag style bags packed full of wholesome dashi ingredients, including bonito fish, mackerel, sardine, kombu kelp, shiitake mushroom, mooli radish, carrot and much more. Use to create a rich umami base for Kyoto-style home cooking, otherwise known as Obanzai.

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Dashi is similar to chicken stock in that it is generally used as a base when making soups, noodles, and various other savoury dishes in Japanese cooking. Dashi is an infusion of different foods known to be rich in umami flavour, such as fish, seaweed, and mushrooms. If you want to get that authentic Japanese flavour into your cooking, check out Japan Centre’s great range of Dashi & Noodle Stock.

How To Use

Steep 1 ‘teabag’ of dashi in hot water for 3-5 minutes, then use in whatever cooking you please.
• Steep in 100-200ml water for somen dashi and tsuyu dipping sauce.
• Steep in 250-300ml water for udon, soba, donburi, and other dishes.
• Steep in 500ml water for oden, suimono, nabe, and other dishes.