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Meiji Hello Panda-monium Assortment, 278 g, 4 items

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This adorable set features a quartet of adorable bite-size panda-shaped biscuits made by Meiji Singapore. A totally kawaii gift set that tastes great and exudes charm, ideal for picking up and giving away to friends. Or keep it all for yourself – we won’t tell!

This set includes 4 items:
1x Hello Panda Choco Cream
1x Hello Panda Milk Cream
1x Hello Panda Strawberry
1x Hello Panda Double Chocolate

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ITEM ID: #6456


Hello Panda is a great case of two beloved aspects of modern Japanese culture, biscuit treats and cuteness, blending together. From the crispy biscuit shell to the sweet, creamy filling, Hello Panda are a tasty treat that you and your friends are sure to love.

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