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Wagaya Original Corn Snacks, 55 g

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Just what you need when a vicious hunger bites! This pack is chock full of original flavour corn snacks, seasoned lightly with garlic and onion salt. The unique waffle-like shape catches more of the seasoning for extra flavour punch, while the combination of the mellow corn flavour and the crisp crunchiness makes these corn snacks immeasurably tasty!

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Nobody could ever accuse the Japanese of not enjoying their tasty snacks! From traditional nori seaweed-wrapped senbei to crunchy potato chips to crisp corn snacks, the Japanese produce more savoury snack foods than you can shake a stick at. Check out Japan Centre’s range of rice crackers and snacks for something a little different to enjoy with your lunch this week!

Item Detail


Per Bag (55g):
• Energy: 120kcal
• Protein: 2g
• Fat: 3.5g
• Carbohydrates: 21g
• Sodium: 310mg