Ebara Chicken Paitang Nabe Hotpot Soup Stock, 132 ml, 6 servings

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Enjoy a deliciously hearty chicken and vegetable nabe hot pot with these flavoursome nabe stock pods! This pack contains six single-serve pods of nabe seasoning, whose flavour is made up of succulent, umami-rich chicken soup broth, delicately cut through with a hint of refreshing ginger. Add chicken and your favourite veggies for a meal as warm and comforting as your mum’s chicken noodle soup!

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Nabe is a classic Japanese winter warmer, all made in a single communal pot at the centre of the Japanese dining table. In times before electric heaters, the nabe hot pot was a primary heat source during those cold winter months, and the communal spirit of nabe has continued to this day. Try making a little nabe for yourself and you will see why the Japanese love it!

How To Use

To make a heartily warming nabe for two:
• Add two pods of nabe to 300ml water on the stove and mix until combined.
• Add assorted protein, noodles and vegetables (for this flavour, we recommend adding 100g chicken thighs, 1/8 cabbage, 1 spring onion, 100g enoki mushrooms, 1/4 block tofu and 1/2 slice fried tofu).
• Serve once ingredients have heated through.

Item Detail


Per Serving (22g):
• Energy: 35kcal
• Protein: 1.3g
• Fat: 2.7g
• Carbohydrate: 1.3g
• Sodium: 1219mg
• (As Salt: 3.1g)

Ingredients and allergens

Chicken extract, salt, chicken oil, sugar, soy sauce(wheat), pork extract, garlic, protein hydrolysate, pepper, ginger extract, yeast extract, seasonings(amino acids, monosodium glutamate), thickener(processed starch, xanthan gum), emulsifier, cellulose, anti-oxidant(vitamin E)