Kagua Japanese Scented Ale Rouge Beer, 330 ml

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Beer as you have never tasted it before! Containing strong hints of spiciness, bitterness and freshness, this Kagua rouge ale is full-bodied with a rich aroma; it needs to be tried to be believed! The extra peppery spiciness of Kagua makes it ideal for enjoying with sushi, tempura, unagi, sukiyaki, yakitori and other uniquely Japanese foods.

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Beer is the alcohol most commonly enjoyed by the Japanese, and like other beer-loving nations, there are plenty inspired to bring their own unique twist to this modern-day delicacy of a beverage. The Kagua range (consisting of a darker ‘rouge’ ale and a lighter ‘blanc’ ale) teams together a classic bitter beer taste with other uniquely Japanese herbs, spices and flavours.

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• Alcohol Content: 9%


1 review
Simply amazing! Very high alcohol content (9%) but very very delicious beer. I would recommend to all of my beer-loving friends.