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  • 6339 bento lunch box beige 1
  • 6339 bento lunch box beige
6339 bento lunch box beige 1 6339 bento lunch box beige

Bento Lunch Box - Beige, 145 g



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22 reviews

Make taking a packed lunch to work easy and fun with this stylish beige coloured two-tier bento box! This box has two main compartments, as well as a handy cutlery compartment to keep your chopsticks, forks and/or spoons safe! The upper 4cm box is perfect for storing meat or vegetables, while the lower 3cm tier can carry up to 1.2 cups of cooked rice. Collapse the smaller compartment into the larger one after eating for convenience. Microwave safe without lids. Total size approx. 15cm x 6.5cm x 8cm. Please use this item with a bento belt.

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Bento are Japanese style lunch boxes, but these days it would be equally fair to say that they are also a way of life for many. Not just a convenient meal, bento have been elevated to an art form. Decorative bento makers compete to create bento lunches in the shape of famous fictional characters, landmarks or animals!

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Great quality product! Wish the dimemsions of the cutlerlybholder were shown!
It was just the job